Retirement of NOAD Schema 3.4, the InfoPath Template, NOAD Workbook version 7.4 and sans@nvmc.uscg.gov for submissions -- 60-day NoticeIndicator

2/12/2018 - 6 Years Ago

At the end of this notice period NOAD Schema 3.4 will be retired. The current NOAD Schema 3.5 has been in effect since May 26, 2015. NOAD Schema 3.4 is missing required information fields and will no longer be supported. Any submitted NOAD form utilizing Schema 3.4 after the retirement date (to be determined) will be rejected.

The USCG InfoPath Template 6.3, which utilizes NOAD Schema 3.4 will also be retired. Third party NOAD programs based on the InfoPath Template will not be affected as long as they utilize the current NOAD Schema 3.5.

The Notice of Arrival/Departure NOAD Workbook version 7.4, which utilizes NOAD Schema 3.4 will also be retired. The current NOAD Workbook is version 7.5.

Additionally, at the end of this notice period, submissions emailed to sans@nvmc.uscg.gov will no longer be accepted. The email address should only be used for technical support or general inquiries only. The correct address for emailed submissions is enoad@nvmc.uscg.gov.

Please note that while every effort is being made to ensure all information is accurate as of this posting, there exists the possibility for additional changes as needed or at the direction of the program office. Any such changes or additions will be made available as soon as they are provided to or identified by the NOAD team.

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