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9/12/2014 - 10 Years Ago

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, we continue to improve handling of essential data contained within Notices of Arrival and Departure (NOAD). On Wednesday, 12 November 2014, an updated package of picklist XML files for use by third-party developers will be released that incorporates various country, port, agency and RSO changes. These changes will also be reflected in updated versions of the online eNOAD application (https://enoad.nvmc.uscg.gov) as well as the NOAD InfoPath Template and Excel Workbooks available from the NVMC (http://www.nvmc.uscg.gov). Please note that at the time of this posting there are no planned updates to the NOAD schema itself and support for both Schema 3.3 and Schema 3.4 will remain in effect.

Details of the forthcoming picklist updates are as follows:

Country (Country_List.xml) Updates/Additions

  • Removing country of BONAIRE [BQ]
  • Removing country of SINT MAARTEN [SX]
  • Adding country [Name=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’; ISO_Code=’BQ’]
  • Adding country [Name=’SINT MAARTEN (DUTCH PART)’; ISO_Code=’SX’]
  • Adding country [Name=’SAINT BARTHELEMY’; ISO_Code=’BL’]

Foreign Port (Foreign_Port_List.xml) Updates/Additions

  • Removing port ‘Oranjestad (Sint Eustatius)’
  • Removing port ‘KRALENDIJK, BONAIRE’
  • Removing port ‘GALLIS BAY, ST.MARTEN’
  • Removing port ‘GUSTAVIA, ST BARTELEMY’
  • Adding port [Name=‘SINT EUSTATIUS’; UNLocation_Code=’EUX’; ISO_Code=’BQ’; Associated Country=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’]
  • Adding port [Name=‘KRALENDIJK’; UNLocation_Code=’KRA’; ISO_Code=’BQ’ ; Associated Country=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’]
  • Adding port [Name=‘BONAIRE’; UNLocation_Code=’BON’; ISO_Code=’BQ’ ; Associated Country=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’]
  • Adding port [Name=‘SABA’; UNLocation_Code=’SAB’; ISO_Code=’BQ’ ; Associated Country=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’]
  • Adding port [Name=’GALLIS BAY’; UNLocation_Code=’GES’; ISO_Code=BQ’; Associated Country=’BONAIRE, SINT EUATATIUS AND SABA’]
  • Adding port [Name=‘GUSTAVIA’; UNLocation_Code=’GUS’; ISO_Code=’BL’; Associated Country=’SAINT BARTHELEMY’]
  • Adding port [Name=‘SAINT BARTHELEMY’; UNLocation_Code=’SBH’; ISO_Code=’BL’; Associated Country=’SAINT BARTHELEMY’]
  • Renaming port ‘FUIKBAAI, CURACAO’ to ‘FUIKBAAI’

United States (Port_State_List.xml) Port Updates/Additions

  • Removing port Harlington, TX
  • Removing port Lackawana, NY
  • Removing port LAKE ERIE, NY
  • Removing port LAKE ONTARIO, NY
  • Removing port LAREDO CHANNEL, TX
  • Removing port North Tonawanda, NY
  • Removing port Sackets Harbor, NY
  • Removing port Tonawanda, NY
  • Renaming port ‘San Benito Nav District’ to ‘San Benito Navigation District’

Agency (Agency_List.xml) and RSO (RSO.xml) Updates/Additions

  • Removing RSO & Agency DET NORSKE VERITAS
  • Adding RSO & Agency [Name=‘DNV GL’]

Additional Items

NOTE: The following two items are presently slated for this scheduled update as well, however, discussion regarding these changes are still ongoing. Dependent upon the outcome of those discussions, these changes may be delayed, canceled or otherwise modified prior to 12 November 2014.

  • A foreign port named ‘Kome-Kribi 1’ may be added to Foreign_Port_List.xml
  • There are two foreign port entries for the port of Cabo San Lucas: CABO SAN LUCAS and CABO SAN LUCASÁ. The entry CABO SAN LUCASÁ may be removed from Foreign_Port_List.xml

Please note that while every effort is being made to ensure these updates are final as of this mailing, there exists the possibility for additional changes as needed or at the direction of the program office. Any such changes or additions will be made available as soon as they are provided to or identified by the SANS team.


The SANS Development Team

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