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4/22/2014 - 10 Years Ago

As part of ongoing efforts to enhance maritime domain awareness, we continue to improve handling of essential data contained within Notices of Arrival and Departure (NOAD). On Tuesday, 22 April 2014, an updated NOAD schema, versioned 3.4, has been released that incorporates improvements in vessel response plan data reporting. With this release of Schema 3.4, NOAD Schema 3.2 has been retired and will no longer be accepted for submission.  Support for Schema 3.3 remains in place.

Schema Change Details

Schema 3.4 related files are contained in the NOAD.ZIP resource package which is available by logging into your NVMC account.

Affected Elements:


Change Details:

The only acceptable value for this field under Schema 3.4 will be "3.4" (not including the quotation marks)

Affected Elements:


Change Details:

The element NON_TANK_VESSEL_RESPONSE_PLAN has been renamed to VESSEL_RESPONSE_PLAN. Acceptable values for the element remain

Yes or No
Affected Elements:


Change Details:

The element NTVRP_NUMBER has been renamed to VRP_NUMBER. Content rules for the element remain “Must be numeric and no longer than 5 (five) characters in length. Leading zeros are allowed.”

Affected Elements:


Change Details:

A new element named VRP_TYPE has been added and will be used to indicate the type of response plan the vessel has, if any. If provided, acceptable values for the element are TANK or NONTANK.


The SANS Development Team

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