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1/11/2017 - 8 Years Ago

eNOAD submitters should immediately discontinue the use of rich-text (RTF) and HTML (HTM) formats for eNOAD submissions via email. Continued use of these email formats may cause serious delays. It is imperative that all eNOAD submissions sent to the NVMC parser (enoad@nvmc.uscg.gov) arrive in plain-text email format.

Submissions sent attached to rich-text emails (RTF) and HTML emails (HTM) may be blocked or stripped of attachments before reaching the NVMC. If an attachment has been blocked, typically neither the sender nor the NVMC will receive any notification that a submission was attempted.

The use of compression files (.zip) can also cause a submission to be delayed or blocked. The use of compression files (.7z, and .rar) will cause a submission to be blocked. Please do not send eNOAD files via email compressed in any manner.

If you do not receive an email rejection or confirmation within two hours of an emailed eNOAD submission, or have further questions about the above, please contact NVMC at 1-800-708-9823 or 1-304-264-2502 for assistance.

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