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2/22/2012 - 12 Years Ago

The U.S. Coast Guard has recently published an update to the Electronic Notice of Arrival and Departure (eNOAD) website.  The intention of this refresh is to provide greater flexibility to Industry for the submission of Notice of Arrivals and Departures. This update provides the following features:

- Import capability. This has been added in order to provide users an ability to upload NOADs from a workbook (spreadsheet), that can be saved locally, or XML such as an Infopath template.

- Offline workbook.  This is a spreadsheet that can be saved locally.  For submitters that do not always have internet access, or have degraded access to the eNOAD website, this workbook can be emailed to the NVMC. This first iteration allows for only arrivals, but we are adding the ability to also input departures into the workbook.

Although the site and workbook were extensively tested prior to launch, there have been several challenges that have become apparent.  As we correct these deficiencies, we ask for your patience and continued feedback.  We are diligently working to improve performance, and to address each concern that we receive.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a better, faster service for submitting NOADs.

If you have specific questions, please present them to the National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC) via phone, (800)-708-9823 or (304)-264-2502, OR email sans@nvmc.uscg.gov.

Anthony Wheat
U.S. Coast Guard (CG-262)
SANS/NVMC Program Manager
Office: 202-372-2825

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