List of Prohibited Vessels

Below is a list of vessels that are prohibited from entering the navigable waters of the United States or transferring cargo in the United States, absent a specific determination from the United States Secretary of State or other limited provisional entry allowed by law. This list is published pursuant to the North Korea Sanction and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016 and the Ports and Waterways Safety Act (PWSA) as amended by the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).
The below list is current and was last updated on: 02 February 2018
Vessel NameIMO NumberFlag
7-288898831Korea, North
AN SAN 17303803Korea, North
BOUN 19045986Korea, North
CATHERINA9133290Korea, North
CHANG PHYONG9338981Korea, North
CHOL RYONG8606173Korea, North
CHON MA SAN8660313Korea, North
CHON MYONG 18712362Korea, North
CHONG AM8405402Korea, North
CHONG BONG8909575Korea, North
CHONG RIM 28916293Korea, North
CHONG RIM 38665131Korea, North
DAE BONG 18408193Korea, North
DONG NAM NO. 18503735Korea, North
E. MORNING8717910Korea, North
EVER GLORY8909915Korea, North
GALAXY 18717972Korea, North
GOO RYONG8201870Korea, North
GRAND HOPE8667414Korea, North
GREAT PIONEER8654730Korea, North
HAE BANG SAN8518962Korea, North
HAE GUM8989068Korea, North
HAE SONG 18995990Korea, North
HAESONG 28999544Korea, North
HAESONG 39534652Korea, North
HAI YANG SHI YOU 9358771954Unknown
HAK BONG7722607Korea, North
HAP JANG GANG 69066540Korea, North
HIYOSHI MARU No. 238627505Unknown
HO CHON GANG8415287Korea, North
HOE RYONG9041552Korea, North
HUI CHON8405270Korea, North
HUI MANG 38202472Korea, North
HUNG BONG 38603286Korea, North
HUNG TAE 18604541Korea, North
HWA SONG8217685Korea, North
HWANG CHOL 17431117Korea, North
HWANG GUM PHYONG 28520719Korea, North
JA MO SAN8123145Korea, North
JA RYOK9826952Korea, North
JA SONG8915275Korea, North
JA SONG 18863733Korea, North
JA SONG 29000766Korea, North
JANG GYONG8203933Korea, North
JANG JIN GANG8914075Korea, North
JANG SAENG8630382Korea, North
JI SONG 159004671Korea, North
JI SONG 68898740Korea, North
JI SONG 88503228Korea, North
JIN HUNG 88416023Korea, North
JIN HUNG 99035967Korea, North
JIN MING 18303290Korea, North
JIN MO BONG 57522435Korea, North
JIN MYONG8029789Korea, North
JON SONG 39027740Unknown
JON SUNG 78511251Korea, North
JON SUNG 98602103Unknown
JUNG GANG 58925012Korea, North
JUNG GANG 69055618Korea, North
JUNG KANG 28629101Korea, North
K. MORNING9021576Korea, North
KA RIM CHON8314811Korea, North
KANG AN 18032683Korea, North
KANG DONG8977900Korea, North
KANG GYE8829593Korea, North
KANG NAM 18922436Korea, North
KANG NAM 68323812Unknown
KO MAL SAN 38898752Unknown
KO SAN9110236Korea, North
KO SAN JIN 18657536Korea, North
KU BONG RYONG8983404Korea, North
KUK BONG9092991Korea, North
KUM BIT 28731497Korea, North
KUM DAE9020223Korea, North
KUM GANG 38966535Korea, North
KUM GANG SAN8654467Unknown
KUM GANG SAN8672691Korea, North
KUM GANG SAN 29050967Korea, North
KUM HAE8904824Korea, North
KUM HO 18651300Korea, North
KUM JIN GANG9364899Korea, North
KUM PIT 18613578Korea, North
KUM PIT 288989874Korea, North
KUM PIT 348731502Unknown
KUM PIT 358731514Unknown
KUM RUNG 58850865Korea, North
KUM SAN BONG8810384Korea, North
KUM SONG8511809Korea, North
KUM SONG 38661850Korea, North
KUM SONG 58661719Korea, North
KUM SONG 78739396Korea, North
KUM UN SAN8720436Korea, North
KUM UN SAN 38705539Korea, North
KUM YA9004073Korea, North
KWANG MYONG8856962Korea, North
MA DU SAN8021579Korea, North
MAN CHUNG 18406858Korea, North
MAN GYONG BONG7111406Korea, North
MAN GYONG BONG 928890580Korea, North
MI RAE 18649840Korea, North
MI RIM8713471Korea, North
MI RIM 29361407Korea, North
MI YANG 58620454Korea, North
MIN HAE8672897Korea, North
MIN HUNG9089372Korea, North
MING XIANG DA8822260Korea, North
MU BONG 27122120Korea, North
MU JIN 39098206Korea, North
MUN SU SAN8732908Korea, North
MYO HYANG SAN 18990550Korea, North
MYONG SIN9045182Korea, North
MYONG SIN 18510130Korea, North
MYONG SONG7518642Korea, North
NAM DAE CHON9138680Korea, North
NAM PHO 98651415Korea, North
NAM SAN 67238412Unknown
NAM SAN 88122347Korea, North
NAM SAN HO8974099Korea, North
NEW DAWN9135494Korea, North
NORTHERN LUCK9061227Korea, North
O KA SAN8735924Unknown
O RANG8829555Korea, North
PAEK DU SAN6420355Unknown
PAEK HAK SAN9298076Korea, North
PAEK MA9066978Korea, North
PAEK SONG 28416009Korea, North
PHO PHYONG8417962Korea, North
PO CHON8848276Korea, North
PONG HWA SAN7524275Korea, North
PU GANG 18407888Korea, North
PU HAE9020601Korea, North
PU HUNG 18703933Korea, North
PU UN8921860Korea, North
QIAN LI SHAN 138954893Unknown
RA NAM 28625545Korea, North
RA NAM 39314650Korea, North
RA SON 79338979Korea, North
RAK RANG7506118Korea, North
RU YI8310281Korea, North
RUNG RA 18713457Korea, North
RUNG RA 29020534Korea, North
RUNG RA DO8989795Korea, North
RYE SONG GANG 17389704Korea, North
RYO MYONG8987333Korea, North
RYO SONG8405309Korea, North
RYO SONG 29129677Korea, North
RYO SONG 98891273Korea, North
RYON HWA 28415433Korea, North
RYON HWA 38312227Korea, North
RYONG BONG 18610461Korea, North
RYONG RIM8018912Korea, North
RYU GYONG9036533Korea, North
RYU HONG 28661915Korea, North
SA HYANG SAN8824220Korea, North
SAM JONG 18405311Korea, North
SAM JONG 27408873Korea, North
SAM MA 28106496Korea, North
SANG UN 19001021Korea, North
SE PHO8819017Korea, North
SEA STAR 38319005Korea, North
SIN PHO8730998Korea, North
SIN WON9009061Korea, North
SO BAEK SAN8658267Korea, North
SO BAEK SU8817289Korea, North
SO GYONG8743660Korea, North
SON BONG 18221222Korea, North
SON O SAN8510518Unknown
SONG HOA 28922412Korea, North
SONG JIN8133530Korea, North
SONG WON8613360Korea, North
SU PUNG8606410Korea, North
SU SAM 18029985Korea, North
SU SONG9024889Korea, North
SU YANG SAN 28312435Korea, North
SUNG JIN 37327419Korea, North
TAE DOK SAN8627804Korea, North
TAE DONG GANG 98408791Korea, North
TAE HWA BONG8680014Korea, North
TAE SONG 4228210699Korea, North
TAE SONG SAN7209095Korea, North
TAE SUNG 9236817948Korea, North
TAE YANG8306929Korea, North
THAE PHYONG SAN9009085Korea, North
THAE SONG8748713Korea, North
THAE SONG 18732037Korea, North
TIAN TONG8712348Korea, North
TONG CHON8829579Korea, North
TONG HUNG 18661575Korea, North
TONG HUNG SAN7937317Korea, North
TONG MYONG 98748309Korea, North
TONG MYONG SAN7122235Korea, North
TONG SAN8882052Korea, North
TONG SAN 28937675Korea, North
TU RU BONG8882040Korea, North
UL JI BONG 69114555Korea, North
UN BONG 19054688Korea, North
UN BONG 28913186Korea, North
UN BONG 38828927Korea, North
UN RYUL8514409Korea, North
UN SUNG8669591Unknown
WANG JONG8737647Unknown
WISE HONEST8905490Korea, North
WON SAN 29159787Korea, North
WOORY STAR8408595Korea, North
YANG GAK DO 98323537Korea, North
YON HA8324256Korea, North
YON PUNG8713299Korea, North
YU JONG 28604917Korea, North
YU PHYONG 58605026Korea, North
YU SON8691702Korea, North
YU SONG 78400854Korea, North
ZA RYOK 28898738Korea, North
ZAI ZHOU 18664149Korea, North
ZAI ZHOU 28774047Korea, North
ZO KWANG8125363Unknown
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